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Session 2 Classes

Sibling/Multiple Class discount PER SESSION: 

Pay full price for highest priced class, any additional classes or sibling classes are 10% off 

(discount applies only to classes within the same session, does not apply to show or choir participation)

1. Class Name: Take the Stage! (S2)

Ages: Grade Kindergarten - 2nd Grade (kids of other ages may be able to participate at instructor’s discretion - email 

Instructor: Jessica Gray

Class Description: Class members will explore speaking in front of others with the help of puppets, singing, dancing, rhythm, and work together on a presentation to share on the last day.

Class Day: 6 Mondays, beginning October 28th (Oct 28, Nov 4,18,25, Dec 2,16)

Class Time: 4:00pm

Class Length: 50 minutes

Session Fee: $120

Minimum: 5

Maximum: 10

2. Class Name: Ear Training and Harmony/Group Singing (S2)

Two age group classes - Grades 3-12 (see below)

Instructor: Jessica Gray

Class Description: Singing on pitch with accompaniment, or in a group with more than one part being sung, doesn't come naturally to everyone, but it is a skill that can be developed! This class will include Vocal Warm Ups, Ear Training: listen to note progressions/combinations and sing progressions back, sight reading exercises, Harmony Singing: sing songs in rounds, learn songs that have multiple parts and practice singing the different parts with other class members and perform for other class members, class members will be audio recorded (either with their device or instructor’s device) so they can listen to themselves for self assessment

Class Day: 6 Mondays beginning October 28th (Oct 28, Nov 4,18,25, Dec 2,16)

Class Length: 50 minutes

Session Fee: $120

Class Time (Grades: 3-6): 5:00pm

Minimum: 4

Maximum: 8

Class Time (Grades: 7-12): 6:00pm

Minimum: 4

Maximum: 12

3. Class Name: Acting I - Unscripted (S2) **(required to take “Acting II” in a future session)**

Grades: 5-8

Instructor: Tonya Lewis Callahan

Class Description: Acting class designed to teach the young actor the beginning stages of acting using techniques such as breathing, vocal projection, theater games, and improvisation. It will also touch upon sensory awareness and music theory as a means of  physically exploring character, and will include a little choreography with rhythm, movement and lyrics to a familiar Broadway piece to utilize the skills being taught.

Class Day: 6 Wednesdays beginning on November 6th (Nov 6,13,20, Dec 4,11,18)

Class Time: 6:30pm

Class Length: 50 minutes

Session Fee: $120

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 12

4. Class Name: Improv in Motion (S2) **(“Improv 101” from Session 1 required first)**

Ages: 13-18

Instructors: Jonna Barnaby and Zac Barnaby

Class Description: CONTINUATION OF IMPROV 101. Life is one big improv sketch. Learning the skills of improv in theater helps actors build confidence, courage, community, and creativity. We will be coaching them to trust their instincts and work together to enhance their confidence on the stage and in life. These developed and practiced skills benefit the actor not just on stage, but throughout all the many improv moments life throws at them.

Class Day: 6 Thursdays beginning on October 24th (Oct 24,31, Nov 7,14,21, Dec 5)

Class Time: 4:00pm

Class Length: 60 minutes

Session Fee: $120

Minimum: 8

Maximum: 15

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