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Instructions for calculating the sibling/multi-class discount

This applies only to classes that happen within the SAME SESSION

A) List the full price of the highest priced class: A) $_______________


B) NOT INCLUDING THE CLASS IN LINE A, Add the amount of the other classes in the SAME SESSION together: Enter total on Line B) $_______________  


C) Multiply the total on line B by .1 (10%).  

Enter that amount here - this is the discount: C) $_______________


D) Subtract the total on line C from the total on line B - this is the amount you owe for the multiple classes within the same session: D) $_______________


E) Add the total on line A with the total on line D. This is the total amount you owe for the session:

E) $_______________


If sending a check in the mail, make check to PCA and use the total from Line E


If paying by PayPal

F) Multiply the total on line E by .03 (3%) - this is the PayPal fee: 

F) $_______________


G) Add the totals from line E and line F - this is your total amount to pay using PayPal:

G) $_______________


Enter the amount from line G when paying using the “Multiple Classes” option for PayPal

Multiple Classes

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Highest Priced Class (full price)


Additional Classes within

SAME SESSION at 10% off


3% of that total (PayPal fee)

Enter that amount in PayPal

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