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PCA Choir Accompanist ~ Mia Creek

Making music has always been Mia's favorite thing to do. She began playing the piano at a very young age. As a child she would skip across the street to her grandparents' house for piano lessons. Grandma taught her piano and if she happened to have a loose tooth at the time, after her lesson Grandpa would reach into her mouth and pop it out with the pliers he kept in his overalls. 

In high school Mia studied piano at Utah State University, as well as violin. She accompanied for and sang in the high school chamber choir and jazz choir, and played violin in the orchestra. She also enjoyed being the pianist for school musicals. In college her favorite musical experience was playing the piano in a performing piano ensemble. She has since continued to accompany for many choirs.

Mia now teaches her four kids piano lessons and is thrilled to have their home filled with music at almost all times. She loves to share music with others and is excited to do that with PCA.

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