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Come Be Part of the Fun!

2 Weeks: July 15-26, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm

Adult positions are filled by people who are 18 yrs of age or older, and have graduated from High School. We have both paid and volunteer positions available. 

The following positions are opportunities at Summer Spotlight that receive financial compensation:

- Spotlight Program Coordinator

- Spotlight Program Asst. Coordinator

- Show Directors

- Musical Director (show choir)

- Choreographer (show choir)

- Tech Track Director

- Adult Counselors - group leaders

- Spotlight JR Instructors (half-day,

gr PreK-1)

In addition, there are opportunities to teach PCA Summer Classes during other weeks.

We also happily accept General Volunteers!

Teens entering grade 10 through 12 volunteer at PCA Summer Spotlight, and are offered a small financial stipend.


Show off what you've learned at past years of Summer Spotlight or from other theater programs, but no theater experience is necessary. Give back to the community. Since this is a volunteer position, you can fulfill volunteer hours with us and have a blast doing it!


Teen Counselors will have training prior to the start of Summer Spotlight so you'll be ready to go on the first day. You must apply and be ready for an interview.  Not all applicants are guaranteed a position, as there are a limited number of positions available.

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