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Samantha Tremblay (Performance Workshop)

Samantha is a life-long lover of theatre who has spent a lifetime on and off the stage trying to ignite passion for theater in others. Most recently and excitedly she is honored to direct the upcoming performance workshop for kids grades 3-5. Samantha’s been a PCA mom for over 5 years when her goal was to try and expose the wonders of the performing arts to her now 11 year old daughter. 

Samantha’s life goals have always included making community theater accessible to the children in our community. Being raised in NYC with Broadway in the backdrop of so many of childhood and adolescent memories Samantha can speak to the importance of music and arts programming. Performing as a child built confidence, and as an adolescent, performing gave her alternative lenses through which to view the world.

A teacher by training and by heart, she’s excited to extend her skills in the academic classroom setting to the theater workshop experience.

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