Sarah Shaffer (Class: World of Art)

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Ms. Sarah’s teaching style is warm and fun. She is very energetic, but does her best to mix in quiet moments with the chaotic ones. She strives to give clear instructions and takes her time to make sure students are confident in what is happening and that their workspace is clean and organized. Questions are always welcomed and Sarah is intentional in her lesson planning to find ways to encourage that. She loves when she can guide a student to work through an ”oops”. Sarah is a firm believer that the best kind of praise you can give a child is to teach them to be proud of how hard they worked and help them acknowledge that they had fun doing it. 

Sarah is a lifelong lover of the arts and has never met an art museum that didn’t make her cry. She is a proud bibliophile, loves rainy day snuggles with her dog Neptune, and can’t seem to go anywhere without starting a conversation with a stranger. Sarah is currently a substitute teacher at Varnum Brook Elementary School and a former preschool specials teacher. Her favorite lessons to teach were Art and World Studies. Sarah comes from a very musical family and she spent most of her childhood behind a microphone either as a soloist, in concert or show choirs, or in musicals. After 12 years of the adventurous life, which includes 5 states and 2 countries, Sarah and her family decided to make Pepperell their home, all because of PCA. Sarah’s oldest joined Descendants for the spring 2022 show and once she started volunteering and making connections she fell in love and decided to never leave. Sarah hopes to be with PCA for years to come.


ART- Every week we will work on creating our own interpretation of the artist’s work using a variety of mediums. (watercolor, oil pastels, paper mache, drywall mud, etc.) Most projects will take more than one week to complete and all art will be kept in class until the last day of the session, after our presentation. These projects will be suitable for all levels of art proficiency. No prior art background is required.


WORLD- Every week we will focus on an element from the world in which the artist lived. Examples include walking in Ms. Sarah’s wooden shoes to the beat of a Dutch nursery rhyme or playing a game that originated in the artist’s country. This will be as interactive as possible and a time when we really “get to know” our artist. 


The goal is not to pass a history test or be able to discern impressionism from realism, but for students to be in the world and see a notebook with a reproduction of Starry Night on the cover and feel confident that they really know who painted it, that he is from the Netherlands, and that he may have worn wooden shoes. 

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