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Laurie Toupin

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Ms. Laurie has been involved in theater for almost 10 years and has loved every minute! She enjoys story telling — no matter what form. Laurie loves bringing these stories to life on the stage, but more than that, she thrives on bringing out the best in her students by making them feel good about themselves. To her, theater builds confidence, self-esteem, and provides a safe place for children to explore both being themselves, and being someone else entirely through their character in a play. PCA is an awesome organization that allows children to do all this and more. When not in production, Laurie is a science/environmental freelance writer and an environmental educator for Peabody Mills Environmental Center in Amherst, NH. She lives in Brookline, NH with her husband, three children, a playful dog, two aloft cats, and three crazy chickens.  

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