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"Pepperell Community Arts is committed to providing affordable, high quality programming in the fine and performing arts to the Town of Pepperell and surrounding areas.  Our goal is to be inclusive as we teach, inspire and give back to our community."

Our Story

In 2014, PCA founder Stacey Thompson and her  family moved to beautiful Pepperell, Massachusetts. The pristine natural beauty of Pepperell combined with warm, welcoming people and affordable housing made Pepperell the perfect fit. But something else attracted them as well. The strong music program in North Middlesex Regional School District meant they could continue their love of choir, band, and musical theater.


It was soon apparent that this region of small town America was bursting with an amazing natural resource: Artists! From singers to dancers, actors to instrumentalists, designers to artisans, there seemed to be no end to the ability, creativity, and yet humility of the people in the Pepperell Community. 


As Stacey saw her kids interact with skilled musicians and artists of all types and ages, she learned that many of them travel out of town to perform and share their talents. Driving to Nashua, Groton, Littleton, or even Boston appeared to be the norm. But taking their talents out of town meant that local folks (who can't travel easily) were missing out on great performances. And those with young children or teens who wanted their kids to participate in performing groups had to drive quite a distance and pay big fees. In some cases, the cost was prohibitive for local families. 


Contemplating these things, and pondering her own passion for arts, Stacey felt inspired to create a local non-profit entity for artists of all types based right in Pepperell, with surrounding towns whole-heartedly invited to join as well!


Thus, Pepperell Community Arts was born! Board meetings began and continue to be held at Pepperell Lawrence Library (thank you Lawrence Library!). In the future, PCA plans to add other aspects of art such as: choir, orchestra, visual arts, dance, and even handmade crafts to their theater initiative. Interested parties are invited to join our Facebook Group for information on upcoming events, auditions, performances and immediate needs. Further, anyone interested in joining the Board or attending public meetings should email pepperellarts@gmail.com for more information.


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