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Jessica offers instruction at PCA on

Mondays & Tuesdays


Once a lesson schedule is established, it will be assumed that the student will continue lessons each month unless the instructor is notified prior to the last lesson of the month before discontinuation.

Private Instruction

Establish Lesson Schedule First

$125 (+ $4 PayPal fee)

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For information about Jessica and her instruction focus, please visit:

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~ Vocal Instruction: Ages 10 - Adult

~ Singing Instruction For Young Children: Under Age 10 (contact instructor to discuss child's interests & attention capabilities)

~ Basic Beginning Piano Instruction: All Ages - learn the note names of the piano keys, and how to read and play single notes on sheet music, useful skill for singers to help them play and learn their part in a song

- 90 minutes of private instruction per month. (either 2 - 45 min lessons, OR 3 - 30 min lessons)

- Lessons will be held in a PCA Classroom at The Fitz, and are $125.00 per month.

- Payments need to be made through PCA, and are due before lessons begin each month.

- Jessica coordinates with students to schedule lessons.

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