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PCA Pricing and Financial Aid

August 2023

Dear PCA Community,

After much thought and deliberation, Pepperell Community Arts  will be raising prices for some of our programs beginning this fall, with the goal of keeping prices steady for as long as we are able.  We realize how impactful this can be on local families, and feel it is important to share our reasoning in making this difficult decision.

First, we now offer an option to pay by installments. We also want to assure everyone that financial aid is not going away and is available for group classes, musicals, workshops, PCA Choir and Summer Spotlight.  We want everyone to be able to participate as much as possible.  If pricing for any of these programs is a hardship, please request financial aid .  We have now streamlined the financial aid process to make it as simple as possible to apply. Financial aid for both partial tuition and full tuition is available for all the above programming.

Why raise prices?

Costs for just about everything that PCA needs and uses have increased including: our rent, lumber, art supplies, rights for shows, backing tracks, t-shirts, sheet music, etc. Also, the demand for more programming has grown, creating a need for more classrooms, teachers, directors, and hopefully soon an admin position.   We want to continue to offer programming to our community. Thus, we must grow to meet demand.

What is  the money from participation donations and class tuitions used for? 

The majority of money coming into PCA goes toward rent.  This includes all 5 of our classrooms, plus a storage room for props, sets and costumes.  The use of the Fitz cafeteria for rehearsals is an additional cost. As PCA has grown, we have realized the importance of paid positions to hire quality people with specialty skills, and to avoid the burnout of our many volunteers. Class instructors receive a percentage of tuition, and choir director & accompanist, and some members of our production staff for musicals and plays are paid stipends.  PCA started as an all-volunteer organization, and the PCA Board of Trustees and Management Team positions are still all volunteer.  These volunteers do the year-round work to keep PCA running.

Ticket Prices

It is important to us that the community at large be able to afford to attend our productions, and as such,we will continue to keep our ticket prices at the $5 and $10 levels.

Giving and Receiving

PCA would not exist without the incredible generosity of our patrons, the families who participate in our programming, local business owners, and other community organizations in our area.  We continue to grow at an astounding rate because of the support of these amazing people. Thank you all. If you would like to donate specifically to our Financial Aid Fund, you may do so on our website under “Financial Aid".

We believe the arts should  be accessible to everyone, and want to reiterate that PCA will continue to offer financial aid. Financial Aid is easy to apply for, and we don’t ask for financial information. If there is a need for assistance, we will do our best to provide it, so no one is left out. Please submit requests through our website under “Financial Aid".

We are so grateful to the community for all of the support we have received, and remain committed to “Serving Through the Arts”.


The PCA Board of Trustees

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