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- 90 minutes of private instruction per month. (either 2 - 45 min lessons, OR 3 - 30 min lessons)

- Lessons will be held in a PCA Classroom at The Fitz, and are $125.00 per month.

- Payments need to be made through PCA, and are due before lessons begin each month.

- Instructor coordinates with students to schedule lessons.

Instructor: Jessica Gray

offers instruction at PCA on

Mondays & Tuesdays

Instructor: Dr. Alex Powell

offers instruction at PCA

on Thursdays

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~ Vocal Instruction: Ages 10 - Adult

~ Singing Instruction For Young Children: Under Age 10 (contact instructor to discuss child's interests & attention capabilities)

~ Vocal Instruction: Ages 13 - Adult

(younger students may be considered at instructor’s discretion) 

Jessica Gray has been singing since she could talk, and performing songs since elementary school. She grew up in a musical family who sang together, and happily continues this tradition with her own children. She has enjoyed performing as a soloist, as well as with choral groups in Minnesota, Utah, California, Michigan, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. She especially loves teaching music to children, and has conducted choirs of children, teens, and adults. Areas she specializes in are ear training, intervals, pitch matching, and teaching singers to sing parts other than the main melody of a song. Jessica currently sings professionally with VOCE – New England’s Chamber Choir, an acclaimed group based in Hartford, CT, as well as with the recently formed PCA Choir in Pepperell, MA. She loves being involved with Pepperell Community Arts where she is able to share her love of music and performing with those in her community, and help them to develop confidence and "find their voice". 

Dr. Alex Powell is a tenor vocalist who has performed throughout North America and Europe. He has sung with the Handel and Haydn Society Chorus, Philovox, Orpheus Singers, Boston Cecilia, Boston Secession, and the London Symphony Chorus, as well as frequent engagements as an oratorio soloist and recitalist. In addition to classical music, Dr. Powell has experience in musical theater, jazz, country, bluegrass, and folk. Dr. Powell earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Boston University, a Graduate Diploma from the New England Conservatory, a Master of Music from Belmont University, and a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in History and Music from the University of Notre Dame.

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