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PCA Choir Audition Details 


Who: Singers in Grade 9 and older (yes - adults!)

Day & Time: arrange with Director

Location: The Fitz (45 Main St., Pepperell, MA - formerly the Peter Fitzpatrick School)

Auditions are expected to be 5-10 minutes in length. You will be able to indicate a time slot preference in a 30 minute window, and will be assigned an estimated time within that window.


Please email to establish contact with the choir director, and coordinate a time to audition that will work for both of you.


* For the audition, you will need to prepare to sing the melody (soprano) AND another part of your choosing (alto, tenor, or bass) of the first verse of "America the Beautiful" while the piano plays the accompaniment. (yes - prepare to demonstrate singing 2 different parts) Resources for learning this are available on the PCA website.


* The director will also determine your vocal range by taking you through vocal exercises that will demonstrate how high and how low you can sing. 

* Lastly, you will be asked to listen to a random sequence of notes and then sing them back to the director. (you will probably do this 4 or 5 times)

**Please note: Choral music throughout history has often been written to contain religious themes, and while the PCA Choir and Pepperell Community Arts are not affiliated with any religion, PCA Choir may sing songs that have these religious themes.**

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