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Eleonora Cordovani

Eleonora Francesca Cordovani is originally from Tuscany, Italy, where she started studying Theater in College (Cinema, Music and Theater, University of Pisa) and with the Isole Comprese Teatro Company, focusing on Theatre Therapy. She has worked as an acting teacher, director and actress, and she has taught children, teenagers and adults in Italy and the US.

Eleonora moved to the US in 2012 where she decided to spice up her career, graduating as a yoga teacher. Finding a deep connection between yoga and Theatre, she likes to use her Theatre skills when she teaches yoga and vice versa. 

Eleonora is also very involved in social justice, all her classes are inclusive for everyone regardless of their background and abilities, and her performances often delve into social topics.

She is the artistic co-director of All’italiana, the only Italian Theatre Company in NE.

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