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Instructor: Randy McGravey

Pricing: $160.00 per month

Lessons will be offered on Wednesdays

4 (FOUR) 30-minute lessons per month (flexible - could also be 2 (TWO) 1-hour lessons, etc.)


Lessons will be held in a PCA Classroom

at The Fitz in Pepperell.


Payments need to be made through PCA,

and are due before lessons begin each month.


Randy coordinates with students to schedule lessons.

randy mcgravey guitar.jpg
Randy electric.jpg
Randy Uke.jpg

Once a lesson schedule is established, it will be assumed that the student will continue lessons each month unless the instructor is notified prior to the last lesson of the month before discontinuation.

Randy McGravey has been playing music since he was a teen and has a Bachelor's degree in Music Business from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. He has been teaching guitar, bass and ukulele lessons since 2012. Initially inspired by classic rock, Randy has branched out into other styles of music including country, jazz, pop, classical and blues. He has published over 7 books for guitar and ukulele. In addition to teaching, Randy is an accomplished composer and performer. He has written music for hundreds of TV shows including SpongeBob SquarePants, Pawn Stars, Magnum P.I., Sportscenter and lots more. Randy performs as a solo singer/guitarist and with various other groups in New England. 

Private Instruction

Establish Lesson Schedule First

$160.00 + $5.00 PayPal Fee

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